Activated Carbon boxes

Air purification where the treatment of high air flow in a reduced
space is required.

These boxes are made of resistant galvanized steel sheet, and they are equipped with flanges on both sides, for easy connection to any
kind of canalisation. Inside can be installed ACG 48mm cells, positioned on two guides that make their maintenance easy. These guides are
linked each other through particular deflectors which enable a better air distribution and therefore a lower flow resistance of the system.
High adsorption and purification: available thanks to the modular elements which allow high flow rates in reduced dimensions.
Easy side maintenance: a removable side door allows an easy extraction of carbon cells.
Installation flexibility: special connections on air inlet and outlet can be supplied ,in order to easily connect it to any duct section; small
footstep bearing are available for the ground installation.

* Weight calculated with a bulk density of ab. 600 kg/m3.
The carbon is of the AG type. On request for particolar applications it is possible to use special carbons.
Cells dimension are 500x500x48 mm.
A prefilter with a minimum efficiency F6 is advisable to protect carbons from dust.