Aerosol Suction Device For Dentists


Is a portable air purification device that is designed to filter the aerosol and particles emitted from the patient’s oral cavity during the dentist’s operations. Its fine filtration system cleans the contaminated air by filtering. It supplies air of excellent quality, reducing the odor and gas molecules related to chemicals used in dental operations, patient oral odors, and abrasive cutting processes to comfort levels.

Its filtration system has a 3-step structure: Pre-filter for large particles, the unique GFH System activated carbon filter that reduces the gases to comfort levels and an H14 class HEPA filter for elimination of the micro-particles (viruses and bacteria) at an eciency rate of %99,995 at least.

Viruses are spread mostly by the fluids of respiratory system and oral cavity. There is a high infection risk from patient to dentist and/or other patients in the environment. VENTI-DENT is a perfect solution to minimize this risk.