Canister are suitable and recommended for use in filtering system with critical safety exigences e.g. bio-hazard laboratories, chemical
and pharmaceutical factories, military applications.

Canister are modular safety filter casing designed to house filters in critical plants, with a total safety.
Their modularity allows a complete range of figures suitable to any filtration request and flow. All particular are designed with the purpose of assuring maximum reliability: a special system of eccentric leverages allows easy installation and extraction of
filters, granting perfect and lasting sealing.
“Bag-in / Bag-out system” allows extraction and disposal of contaminated filter in a complete safety.

Modularity: canister are made in strong seam welded and painted iron sheet and can be fitted with three front dimensions (305x610 and 610x610 mm) and three depths of filter:
100 mm mod. P; 150 mm mod. F; 292 mm mod. G.

Filter locking lever: eccentric levers have been designed to assure easy maintenance and, in the same time, maximum safety, avoiding dangerous leaks of contaminated air: pulling on levers, filter is pushed against the flange with uniform force.

“Bag in / Bag out system”: this particular system allows the change of filters thus avoiding any direct contact with them. A safety plastic bag is connected by means of a special elastic ring to the mouth piece of the canister to insulate the filter from environment. Used filter is removed directly into the bag and then sealed (thermo welded): in this way, we can achieve a totally safe maintenance both for operator and environment.

Collectors: connecting ducts dimensioned to have a silent flow are used both for inlet and outlet air.

Check system: pressure drop through the filters installed in the canister, as well as filters efficiency, can be continuously monitored by means of suitable probes positioned on to collectors.

Canister can be assembled in various figures to fit any flow request in
any grade of filtration.
Finish: standard construction is oven baked paint: if required AISI 304 s.s. version is available.
Manometers: a manometer or a pressure switch can be connected to the “CHECK SYSTEM” probes to monitor filter conditions.