Filter boxes

- Ductworks in general.
- Air treatment and conditioning plants.
- Civil and industrial air conditioning.

NB. The weight refers to the box without accessories or filter.

Stucture is made with a single piece of galvanized sheet. Two 30mm flanges make it easy to connect with standard air ducts.

D-Boxes accept, inserted in counter-frames, prefilters, filtercells, bag filters both in conventional and rigid version and directly absolute filters and plates for carbons.

D-BOX is white epoxy powered painted. A side inspection door allows an easy chaiging of filters.

Locking and unlocking of filters is easily obtained by simply pressing on the special locking device.

D-Box is available in 6 different dimensions and 5 versions:
standard (without any locking system) - (PA) for absolute filters with special locking device-T for frames - (P) for carbon plate and (TP) for carbon plate + frame.