General Filter Havak


ISO 9001:2015
The need to provide a better service and quality for customers has led General Filter Havak to expand its product range by increasing checks on the quality of its manufacturing process and placing a special focus on the supplier, looking for the most expert ones in their sector.
Precisely with a view to providing greater quality for customers, the company has been certified in accordance with the current regulation, ISO 9001:2015 since 2014.
General Filter Italia S.p.a. has obtained the Eurovent certification.
Eurovent is the European Federation of National Associations of Manufacturers of equipment for ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.
As an independent third party with proven authority, Eurovent has developed a series of programs of voluntary certification of performance for these categories of products, among which there are also fine filters, which fall under the classification of standard ISO 16890.
The verification of the characteristics of the products, by performing tests in accordance with European and international standards, helps to ensure the conditions for fair competition with the major competitors.
Eurovent certification obtained by General Filter Italia S.p.a. testifies its conformity of reported data on the technical documentation and confirms the company’s commitment in the searching of environmental well-being and energy saving.