General Filter Havak


Vision of General Filter Havak is to be a prominent air filter supplier of Europe. Product & system quality is integral for our company. Our quality policy is as below:

  • To respond customer needs promptly and take necessary actions for customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure the product is suitable for the purpose of use. 
  • To ensure customers get the product on time at reasonable market price.
  • To apply latest technology on the products by improving existing products or developing new ones.
  • To increase the customer's confidence in the company's competence.
  • To give customers necessary information after-sales and meet service needs on time.
  • To create a performance evaluation and training system that ensures staff is sufficient & qualified in their field. 
  • To consider staff as a value and give importance to their motivation.
  • To give importance to talent and create a workplace that attracts talented value adding workers.
  • To provide safe, organized, clean working environment. 
  • To create a positive organizational culture.
  • To operate in accordance with national laws and regulations.
  • To create an organizational culture that will form corporate reputation through corporate identity & image.
  • To ensure work is done exactly according to instructions, procedures and job descriptions.