General Filter Havak



Our mission is to establish an international brand, using contemporary technologies related to the filters and filter equipment. Being one of the top two companies sought after in the Turkish market regarding quality and capacity.

Our vision is to perform manufacturing filters and filter equipment that are needed for ambient ventilation.


• The company's senior management will take the necessary measures to make up, maintain, monitor, and increase the effectiveness of the requirements and conditions determined by the quality management system standard.

• Responding to customer needs on time and carrying out necessary actions for customer satisfaction.

• Ensuring that the product is fully suitable for the purpose of use.

• Ensuring that the customers can obtain the product in time and in accordance with the market prices.

• Reflecting the latest technological advancements onto the existing products to improve them, or conducting research for new products.

• Increasing the customer's confidence in the company's competence.

• Establishing a performance evaluation system that will ensure that all employees are competent and qualified in their fields, along with reinforcing them with training.

• Seeing employees as a value and paying importance to their motivation.

• Constituting a safe working environment by implementing the conditions specified by the law, and fulfilling the requirements of occupational safety and health.

• Constructing the infrastructure that will meet the international standards and customer requirements that draw the framework for our products and services.

• Ensuring that the instructions, procedures, and job descriptions used within the company are exactly adhered to.

• Archiving the corporate information of the company, which we take as an important value, and setting up an infrastructure that makes it easily accessible when needed meanwhile ensuring its security.