General Filter Havak

About Us

General Filter Havak is joint venture of Italian General Filter and Turkish Havak. It has been founded in order to produce, wholesale, import & export all kinds of air filters which are needed by HVAC industry at ISISO Industrial Area located in Esenyurt, Istanbul in 2008. General Filter is prominent air filter producer of Italy with over half century experience. Havak is a reliable firm serving HVAC industry in Turkey since 1988.


General Filter Havak has reached today’s position with a rapid growth thanks to technology and knowhow transfer from both founding partners. Holding the ISO 9001-2015 quality management certificate, the company has the capacity to produce all kinds of air filters in required efficiency at European standards.


General Filter Havak is continuously expanding product range by giving great importance to R&D. It manufactures air filters which are used inside the air handling units of shopping malls, pharmaceutical, food processing, and other industrial plants, and also the filters used for indoor air filtration of places like operating theaters and clean rooms. ISO Coarse particulate filters and fine particulate filters in the rigid-bag or bag forms are in the scope of ISO 16890 standard, as HEPA filters are in the scope of EN 1822 standard.